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Please Pick a Date


All of the fun, none of the worries!

Enjoy 3 FULL days (and nights) in Havana! Everything planned, all booked, totally outstanding!

Alert!: This service is ALL INCLUDED! The price covers

    • Accommodation.
    • Transportation.
    • 3 Meals per day.
    • Much more!


We will take care of everything on this trip, from housing in the city centre, so you can share with the locals, to all meals in the best gems of the city. With an itinerary full of activities that will blow your mind 😎

How does it work?

Select the Date range you would like us to organise your trip.

Select the amount of guest that will enjoy this trip.

Make the request!

We will contact you with the confirmation of your product and availability for the time you have requested. If we need to change date range or suggest any modification this will be the way.

Once you are happy with details, we will send you an invoice to be paid within 24 h.

We will start creating and booking your bespoke trip plan to Cuba!

Enjoy unforgettable experiences such as:

  • NIGHT OUT AT CUBAN ART FACTORY: Exhibits, performances, and a lively social atmosphere. The best way to start your Cuban adventure. Immerse yourself in a vibrant fusion of art
  • CLASSIC CAR RIDE ALONG THE MALECON OF HAVANA: Cruise along the iconic Malecon in a vintage classic car and feel the ocean breeze on your face and witness the city’s timeless beauty
  • OLD HAVANA WALKING TOUR: Let the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture tell the rich story of Cuba’s history
  • VISIT THE COMMUNITY PROJECT “FUSTERLANDIA”: Explore a community that has been transformed entirely into a mosaic masterpiece. blending art with the spirit of creativity in this colorful world
  • VISIT THE HOUSE/TEMPLE OF A BABALAWO: Experiencing a true immersion in Afro Cuban traditions and religions as you learn about the rituals, ceremonies, and its influence in daily cuban life
  • PARTICIPATE IN A CIGAR ROLLING AND RUM PAIRING CLASS: Discover the art of creating cigars while savouring the perfect complement of fine Cuban rum in this exclusive workshop
  • VISIT THE EASTERN BEACHES OF HAVANA: Escape to the serene beauty of Havana’s eastern beaches, where white sands meet azure waters, retreat from the bustle of the city and a chill
  • MEET CUBAN FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS: Connect with the inspiring spirit of Cuban entrepreneurship by meeting with female business leaders, gaining insights into their journeys, challenges, and contributions to the evolving landscape of Cuban economy

This Trip is ALL INCLUDED!

  • Luxury accommodation with breakfast included in the most central places in Havana.
  • Transportation to and from all the activities and restaurants on the itinerary. Our transportation is 100 percent reliable and comfortable, we only work with the best driver.
  • Do you want transportation at your disposal 24 hours a day? Just say the word and we will arrange it.
  • Feel like having everything documented? We can provide a full-time professional photographer!