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Tasting Afro Cuban Culture

Tasting Afro Cuban Culture

Are you a lover of great food? Have you heard of the influence that traditional African spirituality has had on Cuban cuisine? Would you like to experience at first-hand the special ways of cooking traditional Afro-Cuban dishes? Then this experience is a MUST for you! We will meet you at our store in Old Havana for a coffee and we will ride together to Guanabacoa:  The cradle of Afro-Cuban culture. Once there, you will learn about the influence that Afro-Cuban religions have had not only in our cuisine but also in almost every other aspect of the Cuban Culture, while we share a typical beverage. Then, Jose´s mom will show you how to cook in our local style, having the opportunity to understand when, why, and how we prepare each dish. Finally, we will enjoy tasting the different plates that we prepared and, in that moment, while we are laughing, sharing our personal stories under the rhythm of drums and dancing to our hearts desire, you will realize that the simple act of eating assumes mystical dimensions and has the power to bring strangers together like family. This is not about cooking in a professional way, it´s about cooking according to the folklore of a modest community.


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