“Freelocks” – Wine Tumbler


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Each lock represents a story, a personal journey, and a connection to ancestral roots. “FreeLocks” design encapsulates the beauty and diversity of locks, reminding us to embrace our individual paths and celebrate the strength and resilience found within our unique locks.

What’s an outdoor party without a wine tumbler to keep a drink fresh and at just the right temperature? Forget breakable glasses—give this uniquely shaped wine tumbler a chance and have fun with friends without worry.

• 12 oz (355 ml)
• Tumbler size: 4.7″ × 3.5″ (12 cm × 9 cm)
• High grade stainless steel
• Double-wall vacuum seal
• Curved, unique shape
Size guide

WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm)
12 oz 9 12

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Weight 0.2 kg

Size Chart

Size guide

 12 OZ
Width (inches)3 ½
Length (inches)4 ¾