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Afro Cuban Visual Arts at a Glance

Afro Cuban Visual Arts at a Glance

We will meet at the National Museum of Fine Arts (Cuban Collection Building). To start our experience, we will do it in the Cuban way: sharing a cup of coffee while we get the opportunity to know each other and talk about the dynamic of the day. We will navigate through the Cuban visual arts development, focusing on specific pieces to understand the presence of the African diaspora in the national creation. Then, we will ride together to Hamel Alley, the oldest community project in the country dedicated to promote Afro Cuban culture. Once there, we will invite you to share the traditional cocktail of the place to start getting ready to explore the Alley, discovering in its walls and galleries the magic of the people´s art. At the end of the day you will have understood the synergy between the academic and the popular creation.



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