Afro Cuban Roots Experience


Do you consider yourself an Adventurer who likes to experience the reality of the country you visit and not just the touristic version?

Are you interested in knowing the legacy of our Africans ancestor in the Cuban Culture?

Are you ready to witness its influence in the daily life of the Cuban people?

Then this experience is a MUST for you!

We will meet at Beyond Roots headquarter in Old Havana to share a cup of coffee and get to know each other. Then we´ll travel to the town of Guanabacoa, the cradle of Afro-Cuban culture in Havana.

Once there we´ll have a firsthand contact with the Cuban life and our practices by meeting a “Babalawo” -the highest priest of Santeria. He will cleanse us at his altar and explain us about the main Afro-Cuban Religions and how he looks into people’s future and gives advices.

We´ll enjoy typical Afro-Cuban food and relax under the shadow of a sacred Ceiba tree listening to emblematic music played by members of the community and enjoy a dance performance while we taste a cup of Aguardiente, the beverage used in all Afro-Cuban religious practices.

After that we´ll go back to Beyond Roots store, the first and only Afro style shop in Cuba, having the opportunity to visit a space dedicated to highlighting the Afro identity in the island.

You will come as a guest but you will leave being part of the community.

What´s included?

Welcoming Coffee
Bottled Water
Traditional Cocktail
Round Trip Transportation
Traditional Afro Cuban Meal
Music show

Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

Meeting Point: San Ignacio 657 between Jesús María and Merced. Old Havana.

Minimum size of the group: 2 pax

Languages: English, Spanish

Note*:Once we finish the experience, if you wish you can stay for a reading with the Babalawo as a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at what the future has in store for you. It has an additional cost.

**Taxi will drop you back at our Store in Old Havana. It´s the first afro Cuban store in Cuba, a place where you can enjoy unique products especially crafted. This will be an amazing opportunity for you to support local talents.
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