Meet the Cuban Female Entrepreneurs Experience


We will start the day at Vélo Cuba, an enterprise that, with the premise of inclusion, promotes bicycle mobility in the country, with high-performance bicycle rental services, creation of “city tours” and technical services on the road, we will have the day on wheels assured.

Then we will go by bicycle to Ciclo Ecopapel, where we will have the opportunity to exchange with Yuyú, founder and leader of the project, an ecological entrepreneurship where the family transforms old documents, newspapers, cardboard and other recyclable elements into art and crafts, using rainwater. to create their own paper without the use of chemical products, creating innovative designs while promoting a culture of recycling in the City.

After that we will continue to Zulu, a business with more than 30 years of experience making leather bags with a style defined by its slogan “Have you seen a bag like it?”. Exclusivity and novelty go hand in hand in the history of professional women who, with just a few small cuts of abandoned leather from a shoe factory, a hammer and scissors, were able to give shape and life to the humble beauty of leather, providing a balance between quality and crafts.

Next, we will go to Beyond Roots: The first Afro-style store on the Island, driven by the passion of its founder Adriana to make everyone aware of the beauty of naturalness and the pride of African roots in a space where the community and young entrepreneurs have found the Ashé.

Finally, we will arrive at the Creperie Oasis Nelva, a true oasis in the city. Where we will taste a house cocktail and some snacks with totally fresh and organic ingredients, exchanging with the owner Carmen in her green paradise while we give a perfect closure to our day together.

Bicycles, handicrafts, gastronomy, culture and recycling practices will be the threads that guide your adventure in Havana, hand in hand with successful entrepreneurs, ready to share their knowledge and stories.

What´s included?
Bicycle rental
Water bottle
Cocktail and snack in Creperie

Duration: 3:00 Hours

Meeting Point: Vélo Cuba (20 P.º de Martí, Havana)

Minimum size of the group: 4 persons
Maximum size of the group: 24 persons.
  • December 2023
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