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Centro de las Raíces | CROWDFUNDING

We are building a dream, but we can’t build it alone.

We are calling all Beyond Roots members to contribute, however you can, to make the Roots Centres a reality in Havana!

Keep to know more about the project.

Almost there! - $50 000

*Disclaimer: the rewards associated with this campaign do not include any travel costs. For the guided visit you must be travel to Havana by your own means.

Thank you for being part of this call and helping us to make the difference. 


Your support plays a pivotal role in covering our final stages of construction & start-up of the center; helping us to bring our vision to life. You can show your support by exploring our ‘rewards’ or simply sharing our journey with your friends and loved ones. Your contribution truly means the world!

Message from Adriana

There is a moment in life when you receive a call, a call to do something bigger than you, a call that you can´t ignore. That just happened to me.

I was called to open “Centro de las Raíces” as a space based in Cuba where we celebrate our legacy, our identity, our roots. The place where we all heal, grow together, empower each other and show by doing and being that we were born to ascend in life and unleash our maximum potential.

My name is Adriana Heredia, I am the CEO & Co founder of Beyond Roots. a cuban private brand that enhances afro cuban culture and identity in the island. I am owning the responsibility to lead this project but in this call I understood that I am not meant to do this by myself. Centro de las Raíces has to be a collective construction and that’s why I am inviting you to be part of this dream.

Here and Now, in this fraction of second, is where you can decide to turn on your light and be part of something bigger. There is an African proverb that says. Alone we go faster, but together we go further

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