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Heading to the "Center of the Roots"

First private cultural center in Cuba for the promotion of Afro aesthetics and identity.

Listen to your inner voice

There is a moment in life when you receive a call, a call to do something bigger than you, a call that you can´t ignore. That just happened to me.

I was called to open “Centro de las Raíces” as a space where we celebrate our legacy, our identity, our roots. The place where we all heal, grow together, empower each other and demonstrate by doing and being that we are meant to ascend in life the home in Cuba for all our community throughout the diaspora.

My name is Adriana Heredia, I am the CEO & Co-founder of Beyond Roots, a private Cuban brand that enhances Afro Cuban culture and identity on the island.
I am owning the responsibility to lead this process but in this call I understood that I am not meant to do this alone. Centro de las Raíces has to be a collective project and that’s why I am inviting you to be part of this dream. Together we go further

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What we have


We have an incredible location in one of the most iconic squares in Old Havana. The perfect place, for the perfect project.

Permits and Approvals.

We have all the permits and approvals for the execution of the work according to urban and physical planning regulations.

What we need

Re-build the space.

We have a beautiful design for the space, and to complete the construction process with still need to increase the budget.

Equipment and furniture.

We have only part of the equipment required for the store, lounge and creative studio spaces. With your help we will acquire the rest of it.

Working Capital to start.

Running a project like this is not an easy task. The first months will be critical for the success of the Center.

Our Contributors

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Our vision

We are the brand with the greatest impact in Cuba, developing educational and transformative experiences that inspire and empower people to live with greater connection to their identity, with purpose, consciousness and fulfillment.

What is “Centro de las Raíces?

Centro de las Raíces is a multifaceted space for the promotion of Afro aesthetics, identity and culture on the island, with the following focus areas:

Salon specialized in the care of natural afro hair

where our stylists provide specialized support from an aesthetic point of view but also an emotional and spiritual one. We understand that accepting and loving our natural hair is a process of healing and reconciliation with our history. 

My Afro Holds the DNA of survivors.

Modelo 3D (5)
Café Raíces

a multifunctional space that will be the meeting point for our entire community throughout the entire diaspora, because Beyond Roots is a community. Cubans and travelers vibrating to the rhythm of a single bit, understanding that we all share the same roots. 

Mojito No, Canchanchara.

A specialized store

with Afro hair care products, accessories, souvenirs, our own clothing line and our collection of T-shirts that reflect cries of rebellion. 

No es Moda, es Identidad.

The Roots Center will be the space for connection but above all for expansion and empowerment.


Why is a space like this necessary for us and our community?

Currently our physical space is located on the second floor in a multi-family building in Old Havana. This makes it considerably difficult to find our location. With our new headquarters we are located in the center of Old Havana, with a perfect ubication so that both Cubans and travelers can easily access our space.

In just 40 square meters we have a store and a salon, significantly limiting the number of people we can receive as well as the number of clients we can accompany in their growth process. In our new physical space we intend to increase capacities, being able to:

  • Triple the number of women we accompany (from 1870 to 5600 clients per year)
  • Double the current Beyond Roots workforce, generating decent jobs and growing opportunities for a greater number of people in the community, mainly women (from 40 to 88 people)
  • To train three times as many women each year. Currently our training spaces are itinerant, which prevents us from being able to hold uninterrupted sessions throughout the year. 
  • To support local artist and entrepreneurs that lack of place to exhibit and commercialized their work 

With our own coffee space we can finally provide greater comfort to travelers who enjoy our experiences. They will be able to enjoy a tasty coffee while feeling the vibe of a space designed to embrace our roots, and truly connect with Cuban people.

Centro de las Raíces is an opportunity of personal and professional growing for women in Cuba.

Let them tell you themselves.
Profesional Development
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Plant in fertile ground

We have done it, and we will do it again. This time, you can be part

Thank you for leaving your mark… that you are here, that you donate or that you share this page with your acquaintances makes me very happy.

I know that together we can make this dream come true and I am excited because I know that this is just the beginning. Today is Cuba, tomorrow may be one Centro de las Raíces en each country in the Caribbean. With this, I am just going out of my comfort zone and demonstrating that IF I CAN DO IT, all those females that surround me can do it too.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t´ hesitate in sending us a message. I will be more than happy to be in touch.

Thank you, thank you, -THANK YOU VERY MUCH- for being part of this dream

This is personal, this is me also healing and going out of my comfort zone, but I needed to share this dream with you because This is not about me, this is not about Beyond Roots, this is about all of us building a space of empowerment for our community

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